Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Please Don't Judge...

WEllllllll you asked for it. So...you can't complain about how nasty it looks in the photo... I posted this just to give you an idea of how short I cut it, not to show you how I style it.

Officially this is one of thee worst pics I will ever post of hair, but I have to guarantee you that it actually looks quite fabulous when I've freshly washed it and I'm not 2 minutes from going to bed after a long day of trying to pull my hair out from the daily frustrations of trying to raise two little ones .... please folks...I emplore you to have some compassion.

I may re-think this and remove it shortly...so yay to those of you that have seen it.

EDIT - sorry. I couldn't take it any longer. Particularly when I blew the picture up and noticed the skin condition amplified by 3000. It was just not good for my self esteem. I'll try to post a worthy pic in the next few days.


girlebert said...

okay, okay your abscence has been justified. NOw there is DEINFATELY NO way I can post pics of MY house after seeing the "changes" in your house, my house looks like your attic ALL the time. WEll not really that is just a joke!!!
Life is grand. Hope you are well

Coach J said...

bummer! I missed it. How long did you leave it up, and did anyone see it???? ;)

Elizabeth said...

all I can say is....you crack me up! :)