Thursday, April 17, 2008

Eden ... you're looking a little stiff.

I came around the corner the other day, wanting to check on my wee one, thinking she'd be rocking back and forth in dreamland.... when I saw this... ACK!

I had forgotten that I had laid Eden in her cradle and Ashlyn decided to pick up where I left off, and put her baby in the still warm swing and covered her up nice and snug.


Melissa said...

LOL, I've had shocking moments like that before!!

Elizabeth said...

That's Funny! I would have been taken aback at first and then laughed afterwards :)

ps..I just thought I'd tell you that your pic of your baby and brother is SO SWEET!

Anonymous said...

Oh me! That would have freaked me out ! How cute of your little one to be a mommy too!
Thanks for allowing me to take a peek on your blog.