Wednesday, November 05, 2008

So thar's me man and I. I liked this photo so much, I ordered it in a 20x20 size. It turned out nice, but I haven't the slightest idea where I'd hang such a large photo of myself and the hubs. If it was in the front entrance, it may act as our greeting party...perhaps I could record my voice to say "C'mooooon In!" Admit it though, you'd be freaked. The best would be if I could get my mouth to move.

Or I could hang it over the fireplace, but anytime I was sitting enjoying a fire, I'd feel not only the heat from the flames but also the heat from my little beady eyes burning into my flesh.

I think maybe I'll just cut the eyes and mouth out of it and use it as a life size mask. I'll hide behind it watching people then suddenly stick my tongue out of the mouth hole and scare the pants off them.

Ha. Getting my scissors...


6Pigtales and A Buzzcutboy said...

I really really like this photo too. Classic looking for sure. Hope you find that perfect spot for it in your home.


Elizabeth said...

Gorgeous Shot, no wonder you like it!!!