Friday, November 28, 2008

There we sat. My legs propped on the coffee table, his dangling over the side of the loveseat. I held my juice glass and listened to him recount the events of his day at school.

This, being my most favourite time of the day, I tend to try and prolong it by asking more and more questions. Try as I may to have it seem to be a nonchalant, natural communcation between mother and son, it occasionally becomes more of an investigation style interview. As soon as the boy has detected this, it's game over, with any further questioning to be answered with the typical ' I dunno...'

Here's a snippet of yesterdays daily review. You'll see why I'm so captivated.

Gabe- 'We had a supply teacher today. Her name was Mrs. Pranger'

Mommy-'Ohh, did you like her?'

G-'yup, she was nice.' 'I told her about my scab.'

M- (snapping my head in his direction, nearly spilling a wave of juice on my lap) 'Oh? which scab?'

G- 'You know the one in my ear..'

M- (oh my goodness) ' oh ya. What did she say?'

G- ' she said 'oh'.' 'Then I told her how scabs are Gods bandaids.'

M- 'mmm, I bet she was delighted.'

G- 'She was, she even looked in my ear'.

What would life be like without these little people in my life?

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