Saturday, January 24, 2009


I 've found her.

Forget Nanny 911. Super nanny? nah, she ain't got nothin' on my source. Even parenting books haven't got the wealth of kid know-how that this lady bestowes.

Who is she you ask?

DollarOma. The one and only.

Not only is she the single greatest source of all things cheap and thrilling (let's not confuse that with cheap thrills now you naughty readers....ahem) from the Dollarama dollar store, she is also the Fountain of parental guidance for those who are at their wits end.

Self-acclaimed DollarOma is my number one disciplining resource. You need to know how to silence that back-talker? Or perhaps how to teach some r-e-s-p-e-c-t (sing it Sista..), maybe you're still dealing with a bossy betsy, or even a sucky sam...wellllll look no further. Help has arrived.

For me at least.

Within 1/2 an hour she help me lay down the law. It was the Garrett Smack down. ( I say this without really knowing what a smack down thingy is) And the best part? It took the red-neck parenting style straight outta me.

Explain you say. Well Shure darlin.

Gabe the babe has become quite a mature lil man. Sometimes a little beyond his years. Sometimes a little beyond my years. Sometimes a little beyond Methuselahs years. You get the idea. It took DollarOma less than half an hour to teach me how to nip this little know-it-all in the bud. And the best part, it wasn't her making me feel like my parenting was headed down the tubes, she could see that I was drained from the lack of r-e-s-p-e-c-t (Go Aretha...) and only after I had ASKED her, did she give her golden nuggets of granny advice.

My parenting had become worn out, it fell in some ruts and quite often I was resorting to my red-neck style of parenting. 'Hey yous' and 'Git over here' and 'Git 'er done'... no wait... not that last one. In the end, I was shouting and he was shouting and it was like an all out brawl some days.

Now we have peace. I don't shout. I ask once. If he doesn't obey he gets a time out on the landing. then we discuss it and hug. Simple really. So why the heck couldn't I think of it? Sometimes when you're drowning in the everyday monotony of disciplining your children it's hard to think of the simple solutions, and instead just fall into the quick blow up. Yelling or spanking and both parties feeling really down after.

Thank goodness for DollarOma, she helped to remind me life can be a lot quieter and more loving.

Advice? remember that grandparents have a wealth of knowledge to give, you've just got to ask!


Kelly said...

The 'Garrett SmackDown' made me laugh girlfriend. I am so happy that your mom is such a great source of help for you. I am always calling up my mom - daily to ask her opinion. Those mamas are great help arent they?!?
So, how the heck are you? Miss you lots and think of you lots... i should really call you.
talk to you soon, Kelly

Anonymous said...

Does she travel to Sam's club?? I could have used her skills today. I think as a family unit we managed to annoy Except the lady that had lots of children who was actually laughing sympathetically as Jack emptied a box of clementines all over the store floor. lol. It IS rather funny now though. :)

Elizabeth said...

Here Here, Sista Friend :) It is nice to be able to step back and get help when we need it, especially from our own parents!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful lady, yes, she reminds me of Elizabeth Taylor in her youthful years!!!!!!! but with alot more grace