Saturday, January 03, 2009

images from the hollidays...

Here's my dorky brother, Ava was going in for the kiss and Steve always has to act like the obnoxious twit when the lens comes out. Makes me giggle though...when I need a good laugh, I either look at pictures of him, or the pictures of myself after just having had Eden. Those are some Doozies...the glazed look of a deer in the headlights on a puffy new mom are really something to behold. and No. I know what you're thinking, but they're only funny because I look at them alone :)

Here's the cute one. They are such sweethearts. I really am so glad God had this in store for my brother and I.

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pam said...

They are going to be best friends, aren't they? Just like Lyla and Jillian are going to be best buds.

Happy New Year to your sweet family