Saturday, July 03, 2010

Wonder where I've been?? ...didn't think so :)

Thought I'd throw up some pictures (which make me want to throw up after all this...) of what we've been living and breathing these past couple months. It's been quite a journey but is now within reach. About 3 more weeks until completion. Whew!

Our 60 year old house has been needing some updates...and so the hubs and I began with a larger than life dream of putting on an addition for a new kitchen. The price tag on that dream was far beyond our means, so we beat our dreams into submission and came up with something far more reasonable and yet still dreamy enough.

What started as 3 small rooms (dining, kitchen and playroom) became one large open concept living space.

Here are some before photos....
Dining room (during reno)

Brick wall between Hallway and kitchen (during reno)

Playroom (I'd like to say during reno....but sadly it typically looked like this!!)

I'll post some during and after photos on another post... picasa is giving me trouble!

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