Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Life's Precious Moments....

Oh Gabriel....what a little turkey. Today he decided that he no longer requires my help when it comes to food (particularly messy food). As you can see he picked chocolate pudding as the snack of choice today.

I was telling Dwights sister today that I wish I had a camera attached to my hip at all times. It seems lately my life is so full of 'Precious moments' that I wish I had the pictures to share with you all. For instance today's pictures would have been:

Ashlyn sitting on a big, fluffy, yellow pile of straw, developing a taste for it and her little round mouth when she learned to say 'Mooooo' like the calves. Then: Gabe in the calf pen with 3 little brown babies. Also Gabe's huge smile after he FINALLY did a #2 in the potty - my smile was just as big!! And: the Lasagna I made for dinner which turned out so bubbly and beautiful ..and DEElicious.

I also had to share a picture of the sunflower Patti bought me for my has so many flower buds on it and brightens my day!

'The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.' Isaiah 40:8

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