Monday, August 07, 2006

Shhhh, I need a quieter keyboard...

I'm writing to you now in my little hide-a-way as Dwight holds his DFO (Dairy Farmers of Ontario) meeting in our dining room. I keep thinking they can hear me clattering away on the computer, hopefully they are too engrossed in their udderly moooving conversation........sorry.

Anyway since I last wrote, lots has happened. Well at least it seems to me, in my little world! On Saturday we attended a wedding of a student that had lived in our rental house in town for a year. Dwight has really gotten to know these boys as they became Christians during their stay at Salisbury house. Although we (ashamedly) cannot say that we were the ones to tell them about the saving love of our Lord and Saviour, Dwight has attended many bible studies with them over the year. These boys are so 'on fire' and their passion for Jesus has become so contagious. At the wedding on Saturday it was really refreshing to see that the gospel was the main focus throughout the entire event. When it came time for speeches, the groom thanked everyone for coming and he then said his main goal in life is to preach the truth to everyone he comes in contact with and he wanted us to know that he will use every platform he could to tell others about Jesus so that they have heard the truth at least once. They also gave everyone a DVD as a 'take home gift' and it too had witnessing on it.

Oma had watched the babies for us that day and took some wonderful pictures. This is my favourite, it reminds me of the photos that were taken when cameras were first invented and people had to sit without moving for minutes, so they wouldn't smile as they couldn't hold it.....

Since we've re-arranged the play-room and office, the kids have been happily destroying all of my lovely organizing and have been testing my obsessive compulsive behaviours. Ashlyn now pulls herself up on all the toys ... no matter how sturdy or not. She especially likes to put a toy in her mouth, pull herself up and then proudly growl and shriek as though she has reached the summit of Mount Everest with a drool soaked puppy in her mouth. Gabriel does not find this the least bit amusing and if he can, He'll remove every ounce of her pride by pushing her off the 'mountain' and further disciplines her for being so cocky with a 'No Ashy...No.' Then Big Mama has to step in and take away everyone's pride and fun.

As you can see from the pictures.... they now play so hard that even Caleb gets tired from just watching them. Here he is (below)trying to play along with Gabe's latest 'Thomas the Train' adventure, by pretending to be stuck in the tracks, No need to over-act now Caleb. It took a lot of effort for him to even move his paw into position, poor fat kitty.

I have one more lovely photo to include and I think I may enter it in our local fall fair (to try and win the BIG 5 dollar's more for the fame...really). I took it on Alison's (Dwight's sister) camera while Grandpa was combining the barley.
Oh and just to ease your mind.....Grandpa did find that little calf. She had wandered a little to far from her mama, into the corn field. She was all alone for 2 days and was as healthy as ever when they found her. She's now with the other babies in the barn.

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