Friday, September 15, 2006

Early Riser....

Today has been a less than fair attempt at becoming organized. I began the day with an early rise at 5:30. I love being alone in the morning darkness, when the sun is just thinking about waking up. I brewed a sweet smelling hazelnut coffee for the hubs and I and then nearly vomited afterwards. I obviously need to put something in my stomach other than just caffeine.

I turned on the news and sat in silence for about 3 minutes, when the poops woke up. Apparently she was reading my mind, as per the norm. I swear my girl child can anticipate my every move. I went upstairs and began our 'new' daily routine (part of that is getting dressed upstairs, when we wake up)

Once she had a warm bottle in her hands she was so loving, this is incredibly rare, so I took advantage of it and snuggled with her for as long as she found tolerable. I think it was a good 8 minutes....I was in heaven!!! Once she decided the 'moment' was over, she was back to her busy self. I soon found her in the playroom 'surfing' on the 4x4 and holding onto the desk. Yes, rolling back and forth while standing on a mini 4 wheeler. 5 minutes later she was standing on the lid of the toilet holding onto the tank, laughing wildly while eating Gabe's potty stickers. And now you're thinking I don't watch her...well I do, and I was cooking her delicious breakfast (sectioning and peeling oranges and making scrambled eggs) while trying to watch her........ she's ungrateful, I tell you.

How can 2 children be SOO different. She even put my hair supplies in the toilet the other day....she is 11months old people! what am I in for?? Please pray for me and my sanity. If I can at least remain sane, the rest won't matter. I can get a plumber, see the Dr., remember the Heimlich maneuver, but if I'm not sane, we're all in trouble.

To Do's Done:
-I've written my monthly meal plan and master grocery list. Tonight I'm going out with Jen to get the Sam's Club membership (big box store) so I can buy things in bulk.
-Jars and old canning supplies have been moved off of the basement shelves to make room for pantry items.

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