Thursday, September 14, 2006

To Do's

Okay so here's where I stand and I figure if I write it down, you all can hold me to it!:

What's Done
-laundry organized
-house clean (both floors)
-lawn cut (for now)
-outdoors now winterized (furniture put away, toys in garage, trees pruned)

To Do - (this list is SO much longer!)
- try to write a 'daily routine' and stick with it
-write a grocery list for our 1st attempt at monthly shopping (we will be starting this on Monday the 18th!!!)
-clean out Dwight's Grandmas pickles and her other canning items from basement shelves, to make room for all the cans from the 'monthly shop'
-prepare meal plan for entire month (so I know what to shop for)
-organize bookshelf in den
-organize various baby items in attic (swing, jumperoo, etc.)
-sweep and hose off deck
-Round-up around all trees and gardens

We'll start with that and see how well I do!

Things are quiet around here today, Dwight and Gabe and Grandpa have gone to the 'Outdoor Farm Show' and Ashy poo and I have just finished our lunch. She has had a lot of fresh air this morning with Oma and I, so she'll be down for the count soon. Then I've got some list making to do!

Part of the reason I'm trying to become much more organized than I am, is to see if I can run a household and try to home school. It's a way for me to test the waters early, before I actually dive in. If I can be organized enough to keep up a routine around here and not struggle with it, having it become second nature, then I think I will be able to put something else on my plate.


Anonymous said...

how did the meal planning go?? i have meal planned a pepperoni pizza for tonight...i have invited my friends new and orleans over...jen

Anonymous said...

HA!!!!! okay that was a good one. My favourite is the President and his choice.