Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Typical day on the farm (#1)

I thought that today I would give you a run-down of a typical day on the Farm.

This is Dwight and Drew during an evening milking in the parlour, but I thought I'd post this picture to show you this is where the day begins. Dwight gets up (or I get him up by incessantley poking him) by 6:00 am and is usually milking the first herd by 6:30. While Dwight is milking the cows, his dad is feeding the calves and will run the corn silage from the silo into the bunk (large feeding area with troughs) for the cows that have been milked. The cows are then allowed to make their way out to the pasture fields, and graze until evening milking.

Dwight then makes up a batch of his acidified milk for the calves and makes sure their buckets are all full. You can see the pail of milk in the pic here, it's off to the right side of the picture and it has a tube running to it. The tube runs into a nipple that the calves (or Gabe .... kidding , kidding) can free-feed on anytime. Before we started the Acidified milk program, we were feeding fresh milk bottles to each calf. We currently have 25 calves in the barn, you can imagine how long that would take...whew.
Once the babies are taken care of we have to make sure the herd has enough water... ( see next post)

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