Wednesday, September 06, 2006

A Typical Day on the Farm (see post below first)

So we then hop on our handy dandy Gator (love this thing!) and burn to the back of the farm, to the pasture fields.

We then fill the tanks with water from the back well. chug-a-lug.

Somewhere in all of those chores, Dwight pops in for breakfast and a chat. What happens then is really depending on the day and the weather and the machines and the cows. Sometimes he plays mechanic and he fixes things, sometimes he plays farmer and he cuts hay, or combines, or plants etc., sometimes if it's raining he plays good ol' Dad and is frolicking with the kids inside, and sometimes he is playing vet and is treating a cow for any given illness.
The kids and I are often outside with him, or playing on the lawn, or Gabe's riding in the tractor with Dad (he even has his own buddy seat!) and Ashlyn and I are cleaning the house.....she spits, I polish.

Once lunch and the afternoon are gone and done, the kids and I venture out to the calf barn and do the evening chores. This involves the same stuff that's done in the morning, except with the tag-alongs it takes twice as long. Okay by me though. The kids really enjoy getting out there and Gabe doesn't mind getting dirty!
After all is done in the calf barn, the kids and I head in to make dinner and wait for Dwight to finish up.
Our work day usually ends around 6:30 and the kids are in bed by 7:30. Then it's Peace and quiet!!!

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