Monday, September 11, 2006

Western Fair..

As I sit here eating cotton candy and hot chocolate, I thought I'd tell you about our visit to the Western Fair on Saturday. We decided to go once we discovered the price of admission had been lowered AND the kids get in free!! woo hoo! The clouds were looming overhead but that didn't stop our enthusiasm. We packed the double bus and were on our way.

Parking on the fair grounds was full, so we resorted to the next best thing...parking on some strangers lawn. The long haired, sunglassed, ummm interesting man was only asking 5.00, so the hubs couldn't refuse. I was a little more skeptical, but alas, I was not driving there we stayed. After much debate on where to put my purse...(it came along) we were packed up and ready to hit the midway.

The first thing Gabe found intriguing was the childrens train... the 'toot' was a little loud to him so he was glad to have blankie to plug his ears, he remained this way for the first half of our walk. Both children were as quiet as mice for the first bit, mouths agape, eyes popping out of their little heads. (As they watched Mommy and Daddy shovel an incredible amount of fair food into their mouths)

We didn't go on any rides, (hate to spend all that money on fair food only to vomit) and we went through some of the buildings (there was an international Food fair in some of them...) and we played a couple games, we made sure we only played the games that get a prize every time. Both kids ended up with a poorly stitched, cheap fair toy and were on cloud nine to get them.

We waddled our way to the animal barn where Gabe was just thrilled to see the cows, like he'd never seen them before.

We saw pigs and piglets, (I felt so sorry for this big mama, locked in a cage like that with her girls hanging out, just to be poked and bit by her NINE babies) horses and goats, sheep and chickens, and Gabe's favourite part was the rooster that kept cock-a-doodle-dooing at child was losing his breath from giggling so hard at that rooster, watching his big red comb shake every time he would squawk. Ashlyn was impressed by the big white goose that honked at her, he was just her size.

Once that was exhausted we headed over to watch the death - defying feats of the trapeeze artists on their motorcycles. The hubs and I thought this was amazing while both kids couldn't have cared less. Gabe just wanted a ride in the "huge tractor" (monster truck) and

Ashlyn played in a sand box full of rice for a while. Eventually both fell asleep and we just walked around people watching and soon found ourselves meandering through the arts and crafts building.

We somehow found more room in our stomachs for an elephant ear which was enjoyed while on our way back to the car. The kids, and we, were covered from head to toe in icing sugar by the time we were done.

Once we were home I let the kids try some cotton candy and Gabes face was priceless. He was like " WHY are you feeding me insulation???" but then it melted on his tastebuds and he was begging for more. We still have some left and I just can't resist the fluffy stuff. My teeth are loving me.

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girlebert said...

Leanne, I updated my blog with pics of Alyssa and Brenna Ballerina!! Check it out. THanks for giving me something to fill my time with:):)