Thursday, October 05, 2006

Okay...I'm at a turning point ..... Currently, as it stands....there is very little chocolate to be found in my house. It's almost gone...even the things resembling chocolate and OLD chocolate letters are beginning to become treats. I found a very old cadbury creme egg at the back of my cupboard this morning, and I'm eating it...the insides aren't even runny anymore, they're solid.... But it's chocolate. Has it come to this?

I've learned a few things...
*I need to buy more chocolate to last me the month..(is there diet chocolate??)
*I need 6 loaves of bread instead of 4(I KNOW!! grill cheese takes up alotta bread).
*I need 8 cans of apple juice instead of 6.
*I forgot to buy razors... my bristly legs could probably brush my hair right now.
*Making your own baby wipes just isn't worth the time and effort (especially when you get an uneven one and think there's wipe under your fingers ...when there isn't).
*Reminds me it's time to cut my fingernails...(ewwwwyyy. sorry, I was laughing out loud thinking of writing that...hope you're still with me).
*My kids LOVE cheese...time for another block.

Anyway, I really can't wait to go shopping again...and get better and more efficient every time.


JEN said...

Walmart has diaper wipes on sale for $7.97, and chocolate cookies on for $1.44. Hope this helps. Do you need me to bring you a treat??? The cream egg, solid or not must have been SO exciting. I think I ate about 45 of them before Easter. Sometimes 2 at a time. LOL

Anonymous said...

Is a loaf of bread considered a treat?