Friday, October 06, 2006

Slowly wasting away...

As it stands I have lost 5 lbs. ...this is from sheer starvation rather than a healthy approach to weight loss. And I must tell you, the starvation is not so much a choice, as it is ...well an un-choice. (Even my brains are begging for junk food)

I currently eat 3 square meals a day and even get some baked treats (baked treats aren't as special as they once were..they have become a necessity, I have flour and sugar and I now MAKE junk food, rather than buy it...stick some baker's chocolate in my baked treat, and I'm good to go :)

I hope to lose about 15 lbs by Christmas. I'm sure that at the beginning of each monthly shop when I'm stocked full of treats again, I'll put a few back on...but the idea is to keep it off, so perhaps starvation is the key...?? And to be honest, I really shouldn't even use that word to describe what I's more like emaciated...(kidding, kidding!)

I'm actually quite full and my meals are still great, it's the brain and the tastebuds telling me they want a thrill.....yesterday Gabe and I sat down and polished off nearly a 1/2 a jar of olives....Mmm. salt.

Anyway, I've already started the list for next month and LET me tell you, there's oreos on it !!

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