Monday, October 30, 2006

Scar - y day.

Today is a scar - y day for me....not because it's known as 'devils night' but because I have to visit the ...duh duh duh...Dermatologist. I have what's known as a keloid scar and I'm prone to getting them. It's a red, raised scar that I developed when I was pregnant with Gabriel and it's on my collar bone and most of the shirts I wear don't hide it.

Here is more information on the type of scar it is: KELOID. It's incredibly itchy sometimes, and incredibly painful other times. I've had one other one removed ...but it's really a gamble to get them removed, as they could come back twice the size. The Dr. who removed the first one followed up frequently with me and once he noticed the new surgery scar was growing, he decided to use steroid injections, which helped to make it a skin-colour, flat scar like most normal scars turn out to be.

I got the first keloid when I was around 10 and it was just after having chicken pox. It was like one of the chicken pox just never disappeared....then started to grow. This one began growing when I was pregnant with Gabe and it just began on it's own.

Tonight I am seeing the dermatologist for a second time as the first time I went I was still breastfeeding Ashlyn and he would not give Steroid injections while I was nursing. So now that that's been done for a while I decided to go back. And I 'm sooo scared. I can remember the pain from the injections for the first one, and thought I'd never have to go throught that again.....and here we are. The needles are extremely painful, not only because it's right beside my collarbone (which although some may argue....there's not a lot of tissue there) and also because they have to freeze it first by directly inserting a needle into the scar. This is not ordinary skin, it's like wild skin that has millions of litttle nerves in it that feels pain even when my shirt rubs against it, so you can just imagine the pain of sharp metal being jabbed into it. Oh man. This is gonna hurt.

Okay onto a new topic before I pass out just thinking about it.

Pumpkin carving....Gabriel and I decided to take on the task this afternoon whilst the angel baby was sleeping. Here are some shots...the shot above Gabe has his pen and is drawing the face he'd like...

Sleeves up
Seed Picking...

Wouldn't be complete without our black cat 'Logie'.


Amie said...

Yikes, that sounds really really painful! I can't wait until it's over for you.

Leanne said...

Hi Amie! Thanks for commenting, I've been following your blog as well (the one about your boys)!...I'm sure you can imagine what the pain was like, I would think a sewing needle going through your finger would be a similar experience!

Take Care,