Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Today is a special day....

The cake turned out...at least I think so, you can be the judge. Here's how I did it:

It turned out to be a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend didn't it? We went to church Sunday morning and then we were treated to a delicious meal, a feast rather. Too much food to mention (and our hostess was gracious enough to pack us up some leftovers!) After dinner we went for a stroll with the extended family along a marina boardwalk, chatted for a while then headed home to put our babies to bed...they were full of turkey and love.

On Monday the Hubs and I decided to start our own family tradition of going for a nature walk. We headed to the local conservation area and it was SO enjoyable....the weather was just right for a sweater and a pair of running shoes, and the leaves were starting their colourful decent. We both had a hot coffee in our hands and fresh air in our lungs....delicious.Gabe was having so much fun...he was chattering about all the leaves and tree roots and birds, we found this little guy hopping along our path....can you spot him?

Ashlyn was content to grab the leaves off the trees as she would pass them by, clutching handfuls and roaring with glee at her accomplishment while safe in her daddy's arms.

Today is a new day, Thanksgiving is now over for another year but the thankfulness won't be leaving my heart as the season passes. The more thankful I am, the more I realize how much I have, constant thanks giving helps me to stay focused on the positive...

Dwight is trying to stay focused on the positive, today, he turns 30.

Happiest Birthday to my best friend, my Husband, my love and companion through this adventure called life, in all it's ups and downs....I've enjoyed the journey so much more with you by my side, showing me the real, true, and peaceful side of living.

Thank you for everything you are, everything you strive to be and for being the strong, faithful leader of our family.

You are what dreams are made of....

"I said I wanna touch the

I wanna break it in my

I wanna grow something wild and

I wanna sleep on the hard

In the comfort of your

On a pillow of

In a blanket made of

Oh it sounds good to me

I said Cowboy take me

Fly this girl as high as you
canInto the wild blue

Set me free oh I

Closer to heaven above and Closer
to you closer to you

I wanna walk and not

I wanna skip and not

I wanna look at the

And not see a building standing

I wanna be the only

For miles and

Except for maybe

And your simple

Oh it sounds good to

Yes it sounds so good to

Cowboy take me

Fly this girl as high as you

Into the wild

Set me free oh I

Closer to
heaven above and Closer to you"


Anonymous said...

WOO HOO the cake looked great..love Cindy

girlebert said...

WOW you go miss Leanne Homemaker!!! you sure are domesticated!! Hope it tasted better than it looked:):) hee hee. JUST KIDDING. I am sure it tasted GREAT. what a NEAT idea!!
See ya