Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I caught a glimpse of what Ashlyn may look like when she's a little older. Today on the change table she smiled at me and I could see all of her little top teeth and her hair was just so , that it looked was so neat.

I often look at people and when I see their baby pictures I think ...yes....that's was you. You can tell by the eyes or the shape of the face. It's so hard to tell what your child will look like as an adult, I quite often find myself wondering about that, yet not wanting to wish the years away.

I've been pulling out the video camera more and more these days, trying to capture the mundane as well as the eccentric moments. I want it etched into something more permanent than my memory, available at my fingertips to go back in time.

I can't wait to whip out the video of Gabe dancing as hard as he can to Dora, or how he chatters about the little things.... My mom recently made a small video for me ...a compilation of short videos she has taken on her digital camera over the past year and a half. It was so cute to watch the little things I had forgotten, and to see how similar my babies are.

On another note...I found myself feeling cooped up this morning and the hubs noticed and handed me my i-pod and pointed at my running shoes. I gratefully took the hint and headed out the door in what I realized after, were my pyjamas. (they could pass for regular capri pants...but they were my jammies!) It felt so good.

The air was like a popsicle on my lips once I wetted them and the feeling of cool, crisp morning breath reaching the depths of my lungs was empowering. Ahhhh, I let my mind go and just listened to the thump of the music and the snap of the electric fences as I passed. It was glorious. My bed head bobbed in the breeze and my shoes crunched the gravel....All I could think is why don't I do this more often?

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