Sunday, November 19, 2006

10 Random Facts about my Sunday....

1. I am still in my jammies.

2. Ashlyn and Gabriel have both vomitted, had diarrhea, coughed, sneezed, had fevers, had several baths, in the last 24 hours...and were in jammies all the while (many different pairs, I might add :)

3. The hubs went to church this morning and brought home pizza afterwards....yummm!

4. I noticed this morning Ashy has a chipped tooth, very slight but still noticeable, I think it may have happened when she fell on the cardboard book and tore her frenulum....poor babe. Now her falls are beginning to leave long term effects!

5. I know that Tim Horton's is now serving hot drinks in their Christmas cups ( I was also treated to a hot chocolate when the hubs got home!)

6. Gabriel was playing with the cat (not very gently) and was scratched on his arm, we cleaned it up and put 2 band-aids on it, then, because he had been crying for a while (feeling badly about how he treated fat-cat AND because his scratch hurt) he worked himself up too much and vomitted.......on his band-aids! So we had to replace them and wash his arm again...

7. I haven't been outside at all today.

8. I don't know what we're eating for dinner (...although I'm sure it involves leftover pizza...aren't I just SO NOT a good cook today!!)

9. I found a wonderfully inspirational blog today for keeping your home it's best:

10. I'll be going to bed very early tonight...!!!

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girlebert said...

aww not fun..., I feel yucky in my tummy today, but it is just nerves and stress over the baby.