Monday, November 20, 2006

See that nice fluffy mess beside the potty?? That's what happend to our MEGA roll of toilet paper. The hubs installed our fabulous toilet paper holder the other day, and I've been regretting it ever since. The roll just sitting on the tub was fine with me and now little hands can reach the roll and well.....create this.

There is a fascination among my babes with soft tissuey paper....yesterdays project was the kleenex box below. Ashlyn took her time to gently pull out each sheet and toss it onto the floor. I was busy with Gabe at the time and came into the livingroom to find miss muffett sitting atop a mountain of white. Of course it was my fault for leaving the box within reach of little arms, but c'mon ...we've had this head cold for days and kleenex has been a necessity...

I've let the house go. It's been too much to stay on top of everything....when the babes and myself are sick, it seems
like everything slows down ...except our ability to make a mess. This morning I re-discovered the miraculous qualities of a good cup of coffee. I can only find liking in a cup with flavoured cream and a bit of sugar....ahhhh. My son says chocolate milk makes him happy, and the same can be said about this caffinated delight, for me.
It kicked me into high gear, and I was able to get things up to snuff in this ol' house, again. It seems un-ending....the same duties over and over again, the same clothes folded, the same dishes dried, the same carpet vaccumed, and the same furniture dusted......probably from the same old dust. But...once it's clean again, I get a wonderful feeling of satisfaction. It feels good to know I'm doing it for my family, that I'm creating a warm, loving, and clean environment for them to grow up in and for my husband to enjoy. I like that he can work a hard day and come into a clean house with a warm meal on the table. There will always be days that things don't get done....but then there's always tomorrow. As long as I feel I've done my best, and not lazed around for the day ...yapping or blogging (2 downfalls for me!!) then I can rest easy. I think I might tackle some Christmas decorating today...or some baking. Mmmm, love this time of year! Hope you're happy at home today too :)

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Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

If you weren't on the monthly budget, would you have saved that toilet paper? I think not. I can just see you trying to find the end after a tinkle. All in the name of saving money. PS...I would do the same, except unfortunately my children also like to dunk the paper in the toilet. Count your blessings, at least your paper didnt clog up the can like mine does. Sometimes, more then once a day. Darn kids!! Good thing they are so cute!