Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ashy Poops...

The other day she decided she needed a place to sit. So she found my box of minute rice and decided it would make a nice perch to sit upon while she played with the fridge magnets. What a stinker.
This morning I was baking up some scones for our friends when Ashlyn decided to bring me a book to read. She only made it half way to the kitchen when she stumbled and her face hit the cardboard book and it jammed up into her mouth, between her gum and upper lip. It tore her frenulum off of her gum (the tight strand of skin between your gum and lip) and her little emerging front teeth went into her bottom lip. Poor babe was covered in blood in no time and was in pain. My Mother in law came over to assess the damage and we gave her a freezy and her bottle and within half an hour, ashy poops was back to her regular self. When she smiles now, her frenulum hangs down a bit....I called the Dr. and he said not to worry, it's a useless piece of skin anyway...that's great, except if it hangs there forever.........eww.

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