Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Please pray for some friends of ours ..... Their barn burnt lastnight and 18 of Harold's cows have serious burns and will be brought away for slaughter. The other cows have to be monitored closely for lung problems due to the burning of the plastic in the barn. The barn itself has major structural damage ....I don't have many details but will update when I get them.

This is the second barn fire for these folks, they just re-built from a huge fire approx. 2 years ago...It's such a sad situation, They are a family with 4 small children and I'm sure are so stressed out right now....please pray for their family.

UPDATE: Dwight just called from the barn and has informed me that 27 of 40 cows are now being sent away....During the fire the vinyl ceiling began to drip hot globs of plastic that landed on the backs of the cows, some of the cows were able to break free of their collars (which hold them in their pens) but most were freed once Harold arrived. He was sleeping at the time, the smoke fumes blew over to a neighbours who smelt it and came racing over to wake up Harold and Joanne. Some of the cows had burnt udders and some have smoke inhalation.


Lotte said...

Please tell Harald I'll pray for him , his family and the whole situation..


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lotte...I will