Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Beast ...Part 2

I wasn't ready to consider our day a write off yet, so we made our way down to the food court. As the elevator doors opened, we were greeted by hundreds of people, long lines, and thankfully, loudness. The beast was hardly audible... I felt inconspicuous for a short while.

I pulled into the line at the Koya Japan and ordered a special of the day, then was lucky to find an empty table right beside us. Apparently the tables were slim pickins. A 80ish year old woman approached and set her bagel and coffee on the adjoining table and said in a little voice 'there really aren't any tables to be found...'

Can I tell you how awful I am without you judging me? If not ...please skip down a few lines...

I was kind of uneasy when she sat down, I was thinking of how I'd have to make conversation, be all smiley, and try to keep Ashlyn under control, while trying to finish lunch. Selfish aren't I?

Something made me realize my selfishness as the lady was making herself comfortable and I knew then that I needed to forget my needs and look at this as an opportunity. I began the conversation by asking if she was doing some Christmas shopping today..... She replied with a smiley yes and we thus broke the ice and throughout the next half hour she began to unravel a tale about her life. She told me about her husband, the fighter pilot in the war and about her 4 grandkids and one son, who wasn't married. She told me that today she was going to Sears because they had some wonderful specials on, and we laughed about how great bargains are. She asked about my life and was intrigued to hear I lived on a dairy farm, she leaned in closer to hear about the cows and told me I had a wonderful life, and what a great life I'd make for my children with 'all that fresh air'. She also said I must love my husband very much to be able to spend that much time with him, I told her I did....very much so. She asked where we had met and when I replied 'church', a very solemn expression came over her face and she quietly said 'oh.'

The conversation slowly ended then and she said she had to get going, but not before she offered half of her bagel to Ashlyn.

I couldn't help but think what it was that made her get so quiet about my response of 'church'...I wondered if she'd had a bad experience, or if it was that the idea of church was so foreign to her. She was so sweet and yet was so seemingly turned off by my even mention of the word. I wanted to know what it was ...

I enjoy the community of church and the comfort of knowing Jesus, without it, my life would be pretty lonely, I imagine. When you understand what Jesus did for you, it would have take all of your being to not want to believe. What an incredible sacrifice.

Here are the lyrics to a song by Nichole Nordeman titled 'Why'. When I first heard it, tears streamed down my face ....knowing I am this little girl, as are you.

We rode into town the other day
Just me and my Daddy
He said I'd finally reached that age
And I could ride next to him on a horse
That of course was not quite as wide

We heard a crowd of people shouting
And so we stopped to find out why
And there was that man
That my dad said he loved
But today there was fear in his eyes
So I said "Daddy, why are they screaming?

Why are the faces of some of them beaming?
Why is He dressed in that bright purple robe?
I'll bet that crown hurts Him more than He shows
Daddy, please can't you do something?
He looks as though He's gonna cry you said he was stronger than all of those guys
Daddy, please tell me why
Why does everyone want him to die?"

Later that day the sky grew cloudy
And Daddy said I should go inside
Somehow he knew things would get stormy
Boy was he right But I could not keep from wondering
If there was something he had to hide
So after he left I had to find out

I was not afraid of getting lost
So I followed the crowds
To a hill where I knew men had been killed

And I heard a voice come from the cross
And it said, "Father, why are they screaming?

Why are the faces of some of them beaming?
Why are they casting their lots for My robe?
This crown of thorns hurts Me more than it shows
Father, please can't You do something?
I know that You must hear My cry
I thought I could handle the cross of this size Father, remind Me why,
Why does everyone want Me to die?
When will I understand why?"

"My precious Son, I hear them screaming
I'm watching the face of the enemy beaming
But soon I will clothe You in robes of My own
Jesus, this hurts Me much more than You know
But this dark hour I must do nothing
Though I've heard Your unbearable cry
The power in Your blood destroys all of the lies
Soon You'll see past their unmerciful eyes
Look there below, see the child
Trembling by her father's side
Now I can tell You why

She is why You must die"


Kelly said...

If anything, you may have opened her eyes to your life and how wonderful it is, as she herself stated, and maybe what church could bring to her own life.
As a side note, did you get the christmas shopping done?

Anonymous said...

True Kel.

Christmas shopping is allllmost done, so close I can taste it! just 2 more peeps then I'm finito. Ahhhh can't wait. Then it's on to wrapping. Whewww...