Friday, November 10, 2006

I'm beat and happy.

Wheeewwwwyyy, I am Nackered. What an afternoon, Gabe and I worked outside while miss Ashy poo slept sound as a ...well something that sleeps sound! We raked the leaves from the gardens and away from the house, picked up sticks, mulched leaves with the lawnmower, picked up all the lawn ornaments (bird bath, shepards hooks, planters...etc) and I hacked back my hostas. I still would like to cut the grass once more, and cut the hedges....but I'll save that for another day, gosh, wouldn't want to get EVERYTHING done in one day....

The roast is done for tonight and I still have to vaccum and clean up some dishes from lunch but overall I'm feeling the wonderful sense of exhaustion that comes from doing your best. My Shoulders are aching, my legs are freezing, my nose is runny, I need a shower....but dang do I feel good! Can you see my smile?

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