Friday, November 10, 2006


I've left my computer off the last couple of days to really focus on getting my house in order ...again...I find I am so easily distracted by the super information highway that is the internet. I LOVE to read others blogs, in a way it's like reading someones daily diaries, A bit of their reality.
It's been really nice to not have to feed the complusion to sit and read but rather keep my hands busy doing things that are actually productive!! :)

Here's a few things I can scratch off my to-do list:
I made a HUGE pot of beef barley soup yesterday, which turned out fabulously, the hubs loved it, with the soup I made a couple loaves of bread. Mmm mmm.
I also went through my CD collection and donated 2 grocery bags full of ones we just don't listen to, or wouldn't want to be seen with !!! : )

Tonight we are having friends over and eye-of round is on the menu, with some garlic mashed potatoes and whatever else I can concoct! Should be good eats! I'll keep on going here, hoping to get all the to-dos done before Christmas!! Posting as I go..


girlebert said...

Yummy, can't wait for tonights yum yum's.
Aiden really likes your pic of the babys foot. He said he wished it was my tummy!! But he said mom, your tummy would be REALLY fat!! wouldn't it?? Thanks, son

Anonymous said...

LOL, ahhh the joys of children!