Thursday, November 23, 2006


Mission 1: Playroom

Messy to tidy in one clean sweep.....I plan on keeping it this way...and we're building some new cubby shelves for further organization. I donated a bunch of toys (we have WAY too many) threw some odds and ends in the garbage, and made room for the ones to come.

Mission 2: Christmas Decorating

Today was a day that I was able to get some Christmas- y things done...tree up, and some other decorating...ahhhh feels good to have that done....tomorrow will be a polish the house day, I noticed that even fake trees leave needles! Do you love the baby gate in front of the DVD player etc.... I can't wait to buy an entertainment unit with doors!! Anyone with toddlers would understand....check out my friend Jen's blog for the EXACT reason why the gate is there.

Mission 3: Start Christmas Shopping

Tonight, Jen and I are going to The Upper Room Bookstore to get some things. I have to get the kids another veggie tales video, and thought I'd look around a bit. We're trying to downplay the whole 'tuns of toys and lots of stuff' kind of Christmas, we want Gabe to know this is Jesus' birthday, so we're thinking of ways to celebrate Christ in Christmas.

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girlebert said...

Lovin the mantel
Lovin the tree.
I am in such a festive mood now:) Gotta get me a step ladder to put my lights out on my big evergreen tree in front yard. Our tree will come out next week or maybe the week after due to our busy schedule. I want it to be a family event!!
See ya