Friday, November 24, 2006

Piggie Tails..

Woo Hoo! we've reached a milestone...Ashlyns hair can now be "styled". Lastnight I was introduced to some new baby elastics that are wonderful for little people hair. Although she pulled them out a few times...It just took an "Oooo You look PRE-tty!" and she was all into her little pig-tails. So sweet.
I've officially started my Christmas shopping...Ashy is pretty well done, and Gabe just needs a couple of dump trucks from our local farm supply store (probably the least expensive gift, that will make hours and hours of 'dumping' enjoyment for throw pillows will no longer reside on my couches, rather, they'll be manure, hay and straw and will have to be brought back and forth between the barn (playroom) and the shed (livingroom)) I bought Ashy a fabric doll that is twice the size of her ...I know it will be a friend that'll be dragged, snuggled, kissed, and bathed (many, many times!)
My kids are easy to please at this point...thank goodness!!

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