Friday, November 17, 2006

This is my idea of a cozy morning. A hot cup of tea, a fire and some music.

Yesterday Gabe said 'No TV Mommmy'. I loved that he made that choice, and he didn't watch any until early afternoon, he and Ashlyn played in the playroom...together. I was able to write a grocery list for the big shop, with a fire, a hot cup of tea and some quiet music. It was pure bliss ....

I bought myself a BIG ol' bag of flour yesterday, preparing for the upcoming Christmas Cookie creating. My Mom bought a container of ribs for us for dinner, Mmmm, and my Oma made some red cabbage (only the way my dutch Oma can make it...she knows I love it) so that takes care of dinner and leaves me some time to do some baking instead....after I clean the house. It was kind of neglected yesterday, in our preparing for pictures and going out for dinner with Dwight's grandparents last night. It was nice to get out for the day ...but somehow getting out for the day involved a whirlwind of activity before and after the outings and groceries.

Ashlyn is becoming a real attention seeker. All through the grocery store yesterday I could hear my child. The hubs and I took separate carts and he would get something off the list at the other end of the store and Ashlyn could be heard, either screaming or talking very loudly. I'm wishing she had a volume's always set on 'get ready for your ears to bleed, here I come'.

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