Monday, December 04, 2006


Well here they are folks, the long anticipated answers to 'Farm Trivia...' (say with loud echoing celebrity voice)

#1 - Allis Chalmers Tractor

#2 - An Auger for boring holes

#3 - A murky puddle, that has FLIES all over it ....little teeny ones ( it was very cool actually, they would fly away as a cloud when you drew near, then softly land again almost as a wave, I kept doing it, just to watch them. I know....the things we do on a farm :)

#4 - Jerseys

I loved the answers and some were just down right hilarious. I thought 'The Team' (Jen and Chrissy) were gonna win it, but at the last moment Christin pulled in with a comment full of right answers (other than the puddle with flies...) If 'the team' had gotten auger, before Christin, it woulda' been theirs. Close game girls, close game.

So now that leaves me with a promised prize of a post 'all about Christin'...Coming soon!


girlebert said...

WOOHOO, I am waiting with baited breath. Hopefully it is all good:):)
Talk soon girl. Come for a visit this week:)

girlebert said...

You busy thinking of things to say about me:):) GET A MOVE ON IT:):) Talk to you soon:)