Friday, December 01, 2006

Farm Trivia

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Here we are for another installment of 'Farm Trivia' (say with loud echoing celebrity voice)
The name of the game is to identify each picture. Starting with the letter picture, and going clockwise.
#1) What are these letters found on and what is the full word?
#2) What is it?
#3) What is it?
#4) What breed of cows do we have on Garsholm Farms?
The must-have prize for the oh-so-lucky winner of this game will be a future post all about you. You know you want it.
Who do I think will win?? Wellllll, if Miss Patti G. is reading this blog like she says she is... :) Any others raised on a farm will have a better chance than those city peeps, but I would love for you to prove me wrong....Do it, Do it!


Shiloh, Janalynn & Zeke said...

Ok Leanne, i really know nothing about farms, my mom would do much better on this! But i'll take a guess...
1)Letters are on a truck that says: Allaboard!!
2)some type of farm machinery maybe a dig-a-ma-thing
3)dirty puddle

Love ya, JL :)

Anonymous said...

Hi there
Chrissy and I worked as a team
Here we go
1. Allis and Chalmers
2.A mud covered thing for cultivating
3.grain floating in a dirty pee filled puddle holsteins...just kidding yummy jerseys

Anonymous said...

Whewwwwyyy....those is some fiiiine answers a tear in my eye from laughing so hard :)

love the 'Allaboard' JL, and yes 'team' we have lots of pee filled puddles 'round these parts :D

Farm Trivia Celebrity

Anonymous said...

Since you've just changed your blog colours (which are beautiful may I add) to Christmas, I believe that you are tricking us. So here are Oma's guesses.
1. (ALL) I want for Christmas is
my two front teeth.
2. My two front teeth
3. Egg Nog
4. Those are called brown cows
which give warm chocolate milk.

Anonymous said...

You have me stumped. I can guess all but one. #3 seems to be the
crust formed on a manure pit. But because it is corn harvesting time it
could be something related to that. Please put me out of my misery.

Lotte said...

1. It must be on some machine or so, the FALL machine, to clean leafs :)
2. I don't know what the English word is, but you dig a hole with it, the mud is to proof that
3. Dirty water on the land or around the barn, with seedy stuff from trees in it
4. Jerseys, from Jersey Island, between France and Great-Britain.

I guess I've got one correct answer...

Anonymous said... got it! (shake head yes, then slowly shake head noooo)

Katharine...this answer coming from a true farm girl, only one born and raised would know what manure crust looks like, but alas, that's not it.

Lotte...If your english 'farmers dictionary' was close at hand you surely would have gotten #2!

I'll be posting the answers on Monday morn...

girlebert said...

First of all I can't wait till Mon morning:) to see if I won the prize!!
2nd: here are my answers!!

A: All aboard on the general Lee from Dukes of Hazard:) no I am going to say Allis Chalmers to.

B) An Augar for drilling holes, as we just bought one:)

C) Dirty mucky farm water as Lotte said!!

D) Jersey Cows:):)

Thanks for the breather, now back to the slave driving:)
See ya girl. 3 kids sure makes a difference!!

Anonymous said...

I have to just say, after we posted, Chrissy and I changed our guess to an auger. Just so you know. It looked familier, when I started thinking about digging more fence post holes.