Friday, December 15, 2006


It's over.

I touched every piece of clothing in our house yesterday. I washed, I folded, I boxed, I put away. I've also decided to wear a sack cloth from now, not really BUT ..if you see me wearing the same outfit on several occasions, know it's by my own free will, and not for any other reason than my abhorrent dislike for laundry. Who knows, perhaps now laundry and I may form a bond, an alliance of'll stay clean, and I'll stay happy.

I've posted several 'laundry depots' around the house in the most necessary locations and hope to do a load a day to stay on top of it. I think I can, I think I can .....
It feels wonderful to have things so organized in the laundry department, I even cleaned my laundry room and am now trying to convince the hubs to finish the floor. We have front loads and because of the high velocity that they spin at, we were told to put them on a cement base. So..we did that and tiled the floor beneath them, but didn't finish the rest of the floor. At the time I was just so happy to have a new washer and dryer and to have it out of my front entrance. (that's where D's grandparents had it located for ease of use)
I hope to get out sometime today and drop off my boxes, before I change my mind about something...

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