Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mount Clothing.

Today was a day of new goal setting.

As we've now reached one financial goal, I've noticed myself not nearly as keen about my budget as I was, when I was striving to lose our debt load. Sooo, the hubs and I decided to set new financial goals ...big ones :) I am so excited about them, it's renewed my zeal for all things cheap and on sale. I get to pen out some numbers tonight to see how far my 'slim pickins' budget can get us, and how long it will take to reach our new goals.

The feeling I get when I've set goals for myself is so infectious that it quickly spreads to other areas of my life. The need to feel organized is a huge desire of mine. I read proverbs 31 and about how a Christian woman runs her home, and I so want to make the most of my time. I have days where I just get so down thinking of the work that needs to be done and re-done. Having children doubles the workload and often makes it very repetitive. (Mind you the pros outweigh the cons by far!! I would much rather be cleaning up chocolate pudding fingerprints, than not. I am so blessed to have the life I have and I feel that as Dwight and I obey God in every aspect of our lives, we are blessed further. )

Having said that,... my biggest struggle is the laundry around here. I'm sure I've mentioned that before and I think I've even mentioned the ambitious goal I have of trying to cut down on the amount of laundry. I now have to implement that goal. This involves rummaging through every piece of clothing we own (umm....alot of which no longer fits and I am holding onto for the sheer possiblility of me re-gaining my girlish figure ...ha.) I hope to also cut down on towels, dish cloths, and bibs. I've already done the kids clothing and they now have matching outfits to last a week each.

I think tomorrow I will load piles onto the dining room table, grab my trusty empty diaper boxes, and go nuts. I might even take a few photos for you, it'll be something worth remembering. This will hopefully help cut down on clothing spending, sometimes I buy new things because I've forgotten about other things that are in the laundry ...sick huh? I know, I know...it's an illness. And to be honest ...it's not a shopping illness, it's a laundry illness. I dread that duty in my household because I cannot stay on top of it, there's just too much. I dread even approaching Mount Clothing.

So...in maintaining the spirit of goal keeping...

Here goes nothin'.

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Anonymous said...

I hope one of your goals is to make payments to your poor friends. :)