Friday, December 29, 2006

sicky, sicky...

( is a little 'sicker' than usual)

So it went a little something like this.

Ashlyn was getting back to her fiesty self, Gabe was happily playing with his new tractors, I was eating leftover apple pie for breakfast and it was sooo delicious.

BAM hit me. RUUUUUNNN. I ran, and made it just in time to taste my pie for the second time while watching the lovely pastry make it's final demise in the toilet water. Oh no. Ohhhh nooo. And thus it began.

Throughout the period of the next 24 hours I was living on the toilet with a bowl on my lap. Yup. Both Ends. At the same time. Horrific. The worst was that my stomach didn't realize it had nothing in it, and yet it continued to try to empty itself, with all the strength it could muster. You know, the kind of wretching that leaves no time for taking in air, just so much force, that your eyes are left bloodshot, and you are just wishing and praying that somehow it would all whatever fashion necessary. I was envious of dead people at that point.

Around 5 on the same day...(when I was just about at my worst...) Gabe thought he'd join in, and left the poor hubs racing for a bowl and some diapers. Poor little guy got so worn out from vomiting that he would fall asleep between gags. Annnnd last but not least, the hubs began the Norwalk journey at 6. That left us with 1 toilet (as no one was running up a flight of stairs, when already we were doing the diarrhea shuffle) and 2 adults ...thankfully the timing worked out. As soon as I finished for a moment, the hubs was close behind, ready to keep the pipes a'flushin.

We all slept in the livingroom, by the light of the Christmas tree. I was left to keep vigil on both boys, as Gabe would give us no warning for the next round and Dwight was just so sick, I couldn't bear to make him hold a bowl for someone else's vomit.

By the next morning, Dwight and I had passed the worst of it (literally) and Gabe was still feeling the effects. We all had naps, and while napping Gabe threw up all over his bed, giving me and extra 2 loads of laundry to do before bedtime. whew. I was EXHAUSTED.

It's one thing to take care of yourself while sick, but taking care of your entire family, is hard. Ashlyn was running aroung poking us all, wanting to play...while Gabriel was politely thanking me each time I held the bowl for him, wiped his face and changed his diaper. 'Thank you Momma..." he would say in his tired little voice. It was so sad.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that we all slept pretty well lastnight (except for Ashlyn, who in typical Ashlyn style, decided to flip her bottle upsidedown and let it leak all over her sheets.....I was too beat to change her sheets so I put a dry blanket under her...(arrggg Ashy!)) and we've been able to hold down some toast and clear fluids.

If nothing else, this has made me re-appreciate the taste of wet cold water on my lips, a glorious popsicle, and an indoor toilet....(Oooo can't imagine an outhouse...ack.)


Anonymous said...

You poor bunch. Glad to hear the family is on the mend. I have missed you. Aren't you glad you pumped out the septic tank not too long ago? I'll bet you are!! jen

Dana said...

OH NO! Glad to hear you guys are feeling a bit better now. Gosh, that really stinks!