Friday, December 08, 2006


Winter has hit hard. Scratch the 'over a foot' I had thought we'd get on yesterdays post...try over 2 feet. They did an unofficial measurement in London and it was 63 cm. Constant snow for 24 hrs has left lots of folks snowbound, and I'm sure they're loving it. Everything from the transit system to the malls to schools and taxis....they've all been cancelled.

The hubs had to get to work this morning, no calling in stranded, for him. He made to work in time, it was close, but he was able to bear the elements and made it in time. His trusty high rubber boots were the key to his success (and the fact that his work front door is only 70 feet away from the house door.)

We were without television this morning as the satellite dish was covered in snow, so the hubs took little man out to frolick in the snow and brush off the dish so I could enjoy some Christmas tunes. Here are some pictures:


Kelly said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I talked to my mom today and she picked up the phone singing "walking in a winter wonderland". The beauty of winter is like no other - you see why we got married in January!! I bet the kids love the snow! Enjoy, go make a snow angel for me as I can see the grows poking through the snow on my lawn.

Kelly said...

The grass not the grows, that was the grass poking through the snow on my lawn.

Sarah said...

I know you said that the malls were closed...but poor me had to go to work today at the mall. White Oaks Mall was open at 12pm. I was so upset! I thought for sure I would enjoy the snow day along with everyone else! :-)


Anonymous said...

Aww poor girl! bet all the crazies who decided to weather the storm were all shopping too..was it busy?