Wednesday, January 24, 2007

fat lip and frozen meatballs...

Yesterday was a chain of events...all of which were not so great.

It began with a sore throat, (only to be laden with a full blown cold this morning...yay) I awoke to the sound of banging at 4:30 am. Thinking the hubs was already in the barn, I ventured downstairs with trepidation, waiting to see the face of a burglar, while in my jammies. As I prepared my fists I realized the sound was coming from the basement...the sound became clearer and I realized it was an axe making contact with a log. The hubs was down there chopping wood ... this could only mean one thing. We were out of oil.

The thermostat still read a frosty 15 degrees by 10 in the morning, and after I opened the fire box in our furnace...I could see why. There was no smoke or flame, the logs were still intact.

I am the exact opposite of a pyromaniac, and frankly I suck at lighting fires, particulary when it counts. So I made a quick call to the hubs and he came in and started a roaring blaze that would make a mexican sweat. I mean that in the nicest way possible...It was darn hot. So I proceeded to take off a few layers, and just as I was about to remove Gabes slippery wool socks when ...boom, he fell and put his teeth through his lip. (no mother of the year awards will be handed out here this year) Here's a pic of the damage.

After a freezy and a few other cold treats, he was back to his ol' self.

Next came the food poisoning. I made spaghetti 2 days ago and Dwight was the only one to eat it... later that night he was feeling ill. It lasted a day or two then he was feeling okay again. Yesterday for lunch I asked him to finish up the left over spaghetti and meatball dish (pasta, sauce, and frozen meatballs...I know, I know, no wife of the year award either) and again he felt ill after eating it. Well lastnight was much worse and he was sick to his stomach....I finally put two and two together and realized the common link in both cases...and as he was the only one to eat the spaghetti, I have a pretty good idea that it was the culprit. I'm wondering if perhaps the meatballs had thawed somewhere in the store and some bright shelf stocker just put them back in the frozen case, or if perhaps the sauce was tainted. I feel reeeeally bad about this, especially since Dwight is speaking at our church for a men's breakfast on Saturday... I really hope he feels well enough to prepare his topic and is able to speak.


girlebert said...

Funny thing in December..., We had meatballs for an appetizer.., And we all woke up with feeling nasty..., So maybe there is food poisoning in the meatballs!! YUCKUSS!! NOT fun at all. Hope Dwight doesnt' get sick again!!

Kelly said...

Sams thing happened to us in December. We had meatballs and of course I got sick in the night. Ryan didn't but I did. I think I will throw away the rest of those balls! Hope Dwight is feeling better by today.