Thursday, January 25, 2007


I can't be sure if it was the recycled air in the plane, or the weather change, or a simple little bug I picked up somewhere but maaaan, I am sick. Stuffy head, fever, hacking and sore throat. Ugggh. And of course my children right alongside me in this boat of kleenex and tylenol.

The hubs is to be bringing me some advil cold and sinus, but has been side-tracked by making an extra stop along his way. His friend Harold is finally getting his barn set up again (after it burned for the second time) and today is the day he is getting 'the ladies' home. It must be a wonderful feeling to be at this point, although feeling this for the second time perhaps not as exciting.

So although I'm yearning for the drugs, I understand his delay....

I've just booked a cottage for my family this summer, and I can't tell you how the very thought of it just keeps me going, oh the anticipation of hot days spent in swimsuits, pails and shovels, potato salad and bbq-ing, boardgames on the deck and time with family. It makes me salivate.

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girlebert said...

WHERE WHERE is the cottage:) We all need to be jealous!!TOday is WAY to cold out for me, and I am just waiting 5 more min for Aiden to come home from school to go hottubbing!!