Sunday, January 21, 2007

Power Tantrums..

My Mom said that Ashlyn was a great little girl while she was looking after her, ...I can't tell if she's speaking as a loving Oma, not wanting to tell the truth about how unruly and defiant miss red-headed Ashlyn really is, Or if she really was a good girl.

I'd like to believe the latter, but if I'm judging her behaviour last week on the last couple of days we've had...I'd have to say Oma was being loving.

She's discovered the 'Power Tantrum', as I like to refer to it as. It's a sickening display of all things in the 'negative behaviour' spectrum. Ranging from back arching (you know the kind that won't let you get them into their carseat) to head banging, screaming (at a new found velocity I never knew existed), flopping on the floor, and the occasional hit. It's quite the sight to behold.

She is so amazingly different than Gabriel (who at this age was still not walking...and was speaking in small sentences) and I have to wonder if it's the 'girl' thing or the red-head thing, or if it's something I've done (ie- leaving her for 6 days...making this week her pay-back week)

I've tried to ignore it, and that's the position I'll be taking on this whole tantrum business...freak out all you want little lady, I can't hear you when you act like that. Once she calms down I pick her up and talk with her..but man, these are approaching the need for Dr. Phil's intervention.

Don't get me wrong she has some pretty great moments...but they just seem to be clouded by the 'Power Tantrums'. If you've experienced anything like this with your children....please pass on some helpful hints or creative ideas. Pleeease.


Anonymous said...

Here's my advice.

Oh wait, that wasn't advice. It was laughter. Pure laughter. This is where you find out that Gabriel, like my Brody is a rare breed of child. A well behaved one. They are few and far between my love. Better luck next time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
The red hair, and the girl part, likely won't help the matter either. Keep enjoying your spunky girl. These strong willed characteristics really are good qualities, just not when they are little. If she keeps it up, someday she will be an independent, strong minded, sure of what she wants out of life, and ready to go after it kind of lady. Not such a bad way to be. But I would agree, it would be nice if they would wait until they move out to use these characteristics!!! Maybe you can spank it out of her???? Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I said ..'helpful' or 'creative', not laugh like a hyena. But thanks though...I'm now wishing away her childhood years looking forward to her as a wait, those years are supposed to be awful too..., what is it I'm looking forward to??? her moving out?

And as for the spanking..she's only 1. I'm waiting until she's at least 1 and a half.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Hey Leanne..well, I just have to say that " it being a girl thing" I swear has a bit to do with it. As 2 of my girls have been very " spunky" " screamy " " defiant " little things..unlike our little boy, and who's to tell how the new little girl will turn out. Its a power struggle, I know. Can be overwhelming at times, We started time outs at the age of 1, works for us, but thats not for everyone. I did find that the " so called terrible twos " struck our kids around 18 mths and lasted till 3-3 1/2. Hope the tantrums calm down for you, but till then I feel for you and totally understand how you feel.