Saturday, January 20, 2007

So I got to visit Target, ..Super Target at that. I've wanted to see what it was all about, and I know that many Americans shop here... and finally my dream came true. ( I have very low-standards when it comes to dreams....) I must tell you it isn't much different from our super Wal-mart, in case you too had the same desire to shop at Target. I picked up a gift wrap organizer and a few odds and ends. My favourite store was Lane's for plus size girls, and it just so happens that I fit in their first size...(I won't let you know what that is for fear of ridicule...) so I picked up some shirts and a pair of crop pants, now I just need the long black boots to go with them....

We also indulged one night and got a Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cone, (and yesss, that's exactly why I'm currently shopping at plus size stores...) which is ice cream put on a slab of cold marble, you then pick any toppings (I chose peanut butter, and reese peanut butter cups in chocolate icecream) then they use 2 spatulas and mix your combination on the stone, they then put in into a sugar cone and Wa-laa you have a VERY delicious ice cream.

When we were at the ocean, we visited a store called 'Anything Joes''s a store that carries lots of very cute kids items that can all be personalized. My kids have recieved several awesome gifts from aunt Alison from this store. I found a very cute large hand bag that will now serve as my new diaper bag. I had our last name put on it, and it looks great. I'll post a pic once I have one.

I probably spent a little too much, and I can try to justify it till I'm blue in the face, but instead I'll just hop back on to our budget and carry on (...with a few nice things under my arms)

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Shiloh, Janalynn & Zeke said...


Glad to hear you are back! Sorry i missed you when we were home :( It will have to wait until August now. Maybe we can all get together and have a pool party at my parents house. You can see some of my pics from the trip on my blog.

Also...i love cold stone creamery! Oatmeal Cookie dough ice cream with almonds, caramel and apple pie filling is my fav! Last year i had a pogo card which allowed me to buy one get one free!! ahhhhh But now that i'm not pregnant, gaining the weight isn't as much fun!! hehe

Talk to you soon, Love, JL :)