Monday, January 29, 2007

Rashes and Feed Bags...

Well, glad to see y'all have so many helpful hints on eczema. ahem. Anyway...I have to tell you about something I need to admit.

I use scare tactics to make my boy child listen to me. Is that wrong?

Today, for instance, he pooped and peed in his underwear (he has been fully trained during the day for months now, but has decided to test our patience lately, in this loving pleasant.) So, because I don't find spanking useful in instances like this, instead, I scare him into using the potty again. Now, don't start thinking I traumatize my child by wearing a scary mask and threaten him in a deep voice with the Un-potty monster...not so. Rather, because my child is intellectual enough to understand consequence, I use ....well.....consequences, of the not-so-fun variety. Today's was, 'If you don't use the potty again, you'll get a very bad rash from pooping and peeing in your underwear. And if the rash gets really really bad, your meemee (pet name chosen by him for his dingle) might fall off'.

As soon as I said this, he got very thoughtful. After staring into space for awhile (imagining his poor meemee laying lifeless on the floor) he said...'Okay mommy, I'll use the potty'. And so far accidents since.

I believe his wild imagination helps in these scare tactics... some children couldn't give a cracker whether or not 'they will get stolen by a stranger, if you let go of my hand' they just continue on their merry way.

This one is my favourite...we were recently at our local farm feed co-op to pick up some feed for the cows, and Gabriel decided it was the perfect time to throw a tantrum (not of Ashlyns caliber, but bad enough that I had to do something for fear of the bag slinging, feed man thinking my children were unruly and mis-behaved) so I thought of something that would scare the seat kicking, screaming boy, and came up with this gem......'If you're not quiet, the man will put a feed bag on you.'


Ashlyn was alarmed and unsettled by the sudden quiet that overcame the backseat and after a few moments she felt the need to pick up where he left off. She (who couldn't give a cracker if I told her she was going home with the feed man) keep yelling and flailing. Gabriel quietly said 'Mommy, I think Ashy wants a feed bag on her head.'

I guess my only worry is that when Gabe goes to JK, I can't really have him saying 'I use the potty, because if I don't my meemee will fall off, mommy told me so.' Or 'My mommy said the feed man will put a bag on me if I'm not quiet.' ....oh goodness, could you imagine??

Hmmmm, perhaps I'll save the tactics for reallllllly special occasions only....


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Oh Leanne thats awesome! I love the antics you use..i have some of my own but those are

When we are at Home Depot..the beeping noise that the skid steers use..we tell the kids that the police are in the building looking for naughty kids and if they see one they turn the beeper on and go and talk with them..and if the kids are bad the beeper man will then take you out to your car!
We love it it works wonders for us!


Anonymous said...

Ok, I want to know why my children don't fall for these tricks. If I tried any of the listed tactics my eldest son would do this. "CHH, whatever Mom" My second born would laugh and say something completely unrelated, like "monkeys are purple"
Megs would say "no mom no" and Cracker Jack, he would just repeat the following"MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM" as that's all he has said for 2 days repeatedly. None of them are gullible, and it's unfortunate. Be thankful you do not have these types of genes bred into your children. It's a blessing, trust me.