Sunday, January 28, 2007


They're popping up everywhere, on her legs, arms, hands and chin. Winter Eczema patches are slowly taking over my poor Dolly's little body. When I questioned the Dr. about it's origins, she said to slow down on the baths (which as you all know will be difficult for miss Ashy POOPs, as she is into everyTHING...crickets, pudding, pudding.) She also mentioned a cream that she uses on her little guy, who has it as well. It's the butter from the Body Shop...Cocoa Butter Body Butter. I've tried the mango one on myself as well as the olive oil one, but MANNN, this Cocoa butter one is the ULTIMATE in lotions.

It runs about $20 for a medium sized tub, and it smells delicious. Once I applied it to my babes skin, it was like applying a velvety coating of the smoothest, sweetest cream...they loved it.

We've also put vapourizers in each of their helps with the dry skin and dry noses. When I walk into their rooms to check on them before I go to bed, it's like walking into a warm (not hot) sauna, with all the moisture. Feels nice.

Anywho, if you've got any helpful hints on how to alleviate the dry itchy patches, I'd love to hear 'em!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, I wanted to leave some profound advice, but I don't have any. When Megs had eczema on her face as a babe, I had some non steroid cream but I can't remember the name, and it was $100 for a mini tube. I didn't think you would want that useless advice!! OH,'s some. Keep her nails REAL short. Meg use to scratch herself in her sleep, and bleed. There, YEEESSSSS I did it, advice.