Saturday, January 27, 2007

So today is somewhat of a nerve-wracking day for the hubs. He's speaking at our churchs 'Men's Breakfast' which is a gaggle of men getting together, eating a delicious cooked breakfast and having some time together. The hubs was picked to speak at todays breakfast and wrote a wonderful sermon on 'Godly men and their fear of God". He went through it a couple times with me before bedtime lastnight, and it was so wonderful to hear my husband talk about his love and reverance for God. It set me back to the years before I had met Mr. Wonderful and how I would pray for him, even though I had not yet met him. As I zoomed back to this time and place, I realized how God has blessed me with my perfect life-mate. He is such a leader, a God-fearing man that stands up for the truth with passion and conviction, Zealous in all areas of wanting to serve Christ better.

I couldn't have asked for a better leader for our home, he is a man who is so dedicated to his family and teaches me daily about living life for Christ.

In his sermon, Dwight goes on to say that you must be saved in order to enter the gates of Heaven...and he further explains that being saved is not just a 5 line prayer that you've said in church before, but rather a death to your old way of living, A new life, in Christ. Confessing your sins and repenting, and believing with your whole heart that Jesus Christ died to save you! When one comes to this point, there is no option but to focus upward and must give up your life of sin, and focus on your life in Christ. You are a changed and renewed wonderful!

As he is speaking on the fear of God, he was giving a couple examples of fear, and what drives that it failure, or loss?? He goes on to explain that although God IS a God of love, we must also FEAR him! His Holyness is so pure and blameless, and we are but humans that could never compare to him. We need to bow-down to our maker,... he has the final say in whether you are to reside in Heaven or Hell ...for eternity.

The hubs had a list of examples he was giving for fear, (ie...fearing you might be getting a ticket from a police officer makes you slow down, fearing that she may lose the life of her child gives a mother super-human strength to lift a car off her baby) and that these fears make you react, but yet the fear of God is sometimes unapparent in our lives, we don't react, we just live like life is a day after day's time to fear God again. Don't sit idly by, renew your faith, live for him...and make each moment count for Christ!

I must tell you about the week the Hubs has had.....(it's apparent that someone doesn't want him to speak these words today...) It started with the food poisoning, two times, which zapped him of his energy, made him sick to his stomach, and didn't help with writing out his sermon, ...then came a sore throat, he's getting the sickness I brought home from my holiday and finally the last attack came today. He was up in the silo working on a piece of the feeder that occasionally comes unplugged, when a black starling bird came to see what he was up to...anyone that knows my husband, knows of his fear of birds. He despises them and the way they flap their wings in his face when he is up the just gives him the heebie jeebies. Well today the Starling decided to get friendly, it roosted on his shoulder and on his head, it flapped and chirped in his face and Dwight was on the top of the silo...he said he just had to keep focused on what he was doing....poor guy. He eventually finished up and safely made his way down the ladder again. Thankfully.

Please pray for him as he speaks today, prayer is powerful!!

UPDATE: It went really well!! Dwight said he made it through without too many nerves, and even got a few laughs. The men remained at the church discussing the topic of the sermon for a whole additional hour after Dwight finished speaking. Another man was inspired by the words God put in Dwights mouth today, that he will be preaching on a Sunday 2 weeks from now, on the same topic. All in all, he said it was a wonderful and inspirational time for the men present.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Garretts. Hope everything went well at the breakfast today. I am sure Dwight did a great job speaking. It's always easier to talk about something when you believe it whole-heartedly. Sorry Dave didn't join him today, he was disappointed it couldn't work out. If Dwight would like company another time, I know Dave would be happy to be his OK then, that sounded a little awkward, so...bye