Monday, January 01, 2007

Since Jenny Benny is so tired of looking at my chinese soup can...and because I've been a complete slacker in the blogging department I thought I'd give a super quick update.

I'm currently tackling 3 projects -

1. play room re-organization - all the new toys from Christmas need space and some of the older ones need to be rubber-maided. I'm purchasing 2 new storage compartments from Toys r us that have small and large bins for organizing toys. Woo hoo...nothing like a clean playroom, the kids might actually play in it.

2. Cleaning out my den/office - clearing out all old paperwork, organizing scrap book items, clearing desk of clutter etc.

3. Cleaning the house after the severe bug that went through here. Things went to pot. I'll readily admit it. It's pretty messy/dirty 'round these parts and everything needs a good disinfecting. Plus all the regular stuff...I kept up the washing and drying of the laundry but the folding fell behind.

We're off to the Royal York hotel in Toronto next week for Dwight's DFO/DHI meetings (dairy farm meetings) and I want the house spotless and organized before I leave.

I guess this all makes for a clean start to the New Year...

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Anonymous said...

Thank You. Jenny Benny