Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Treasure Trove...

Well in the midst of my purging of all things useless and old, I've come across some treasures. A vintage teapot from Dwight's grandmother that is a sweet robins egg blue, it has tiny cracks all over it and a wonderful shape. I have fallen in love. I promise to post a pic of this beauty once I'm done rifling through the heaps.

I've cleaned out a large cupboard that is located above the playroom by a few steps. It will now house my unopened packages of diapers and wipes and anything baby related that needs to be stocked. It was interesting to go through this cupboard and remove old glassware, thermos', mugs, and my favourite....a box of unopened ice cream cones from the 80's. Every Grandma had to have an extra box of these around in case of a surprise visit from her grandbabies.

I didn't know Dwights Grandparents, they passed away before I met Dwight. He tells me special stories but it's still hard to imagine them. I have an advantage though....we've moved into their house, and a lot of their details still live here. As we've slowly renovated things, I've gotten to know them better...whether it be through the small clips of special articles Grandma clipped and stuck between the floor boards while they were putting on the hardwood, or the special recipes she's saved from war times and the oily fingerprints that grace the pages, Even the vintage stationary that's left unwritten, tells of her taste in paper.

Some would find it a daunting task to inhabit and slowly make their own way in a house that is still packed with so many memories, but I like to look at it as getting to know 2 people that meant so very much to my husband.

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