Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Short and stout..

Here's my find ...ain't she pretty?


girlebert said...

WOW way to cute!!! You going to use it or just display it??
Cant' wait to see pics of new organizing unit from Toys R Us:)
Talk soon Girl

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHHH Christin. PLEASE don't mention the organizing unit. It brings back bad memories for Leanne. LOL

Anonymous said...

seriously...that was a bad moment in my life. Let's just say Toys R Us didn't live up to my expectations..(no units left) and I drove 1/2 hr to get there..then wal-mart had nothing left either. Apparently storage solutions are a popular item this time of year. Jen had a good laugh all the while, at least one of us was having fun. So in the end I ended up with some shady wire shelving and cloth baskets (as the wicker was all sold out..) I'll post pics of the atrocity once it's up..