Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Mission: Playroom Organization...

Well folks, here's what I've been doing all morning. Assembling racks and filling bins, organizing and cleaning. Ahhhhh....feels so good. I didn't end up getting the original bin racks I had wanted from Toys R US, so after Jen and I went through the entire Walmart Superstore, we finally ended up picking this organizational unit. I was upset initially, that I wasn't getting what I had my heart set on...but am pretty happy now that this one is all set up and in place. The bins are the perfect size for bigger toys, stuffed animals, legos etc. And they look pretty tidy even though they are chalk full. Thanks to Jen, who put up with my indecisiveness lastnight, and helped me think of all possible storage solutions.

Dwight has now hung the chalkboard at a perfect level for Gabe. Here is a pic of that and the train table Gabe received for Christmas...we're working on putting a nice track together this afternoon, then we're nailing it down so miss Ashy poops can't tear it apart.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it looks great. Good thing we spent hours picking them out!! And a little mistake I saw on your was 2 Walmart superstores. Not 1 but 2. LOL. It was worth it for the fun I had laughing at you carrying those 6 boxes of the wrong shelves into your cart. The train table is VERY cute. Vicki did a nice job painting it all up. Sweet.

Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Love the new bins and racks..they look good.