Friday, January 12, 2007

TO trip

Well hello's been a while...

We're back, for a day. It was beautiful to sleep in my own bed lastnight, as nice as a king size bed is, it just leaves more room for kids to climb in...and they did.

We left on Monday morning bright and early to catch the train and chugged our way to the big city. The kids were pretty great all the way there, Ashlyn thought it would be nice to stay up the entire ride until 5 minutes before reaching TO ...then fell fast asleep. I was the lucky one who got to lug her limp body around the station as the Hubs collected the luggage and pushed a tired little man around in the stroller. We headed into the grand lobby, and checked in...

(had to do a little finaggling with the 'royal service reception' as she insisted we booked a double bed, when in fact we had reserved a king...I stood my ground, and she finally found an available room...this was afterall a once a year trip for our family..and I HAD to have the big bed) Up we went and the hubs and I were trying to secretly debate on how much to tip the bell boy. We got to our room and it was nice. A classicly decorated large room with a pull out couch and king bed. It would definetly do.

Gabe in the king bed...

We decided to hit the Eatons Center once we got settled. We got down to the subway and watched our wide -eyed children with their mouths agape, as the silver bullet rode in and made their hair blow back.

The feeling of stress is overwhelming in the downtown, both the hubs and I found ourselves rushing, and talking was ridiculous, we were on holidays and the stress of those around us was permeating our blissful time together. We made the mistake of trying to find breakfast at 8:00 one morning and found ourselves in the midst of a sea of people all wearing black suits, high heels or business shoes, carrying briefcases and of whom were all very solemn. It was like a race to a funeral. the clickety - clack of their shoes made Gabe think of horses. We were the only ones wearing bright colours with children and people stared at us like we were the 4 headed techni-colour monster.

Because of the stares and the incredible effort it took to get the kids down to the subway, we pretty much stayed in the hotel and ran the hallways and rode the elevators while the hubs was in his meetings. We also scored when Dwight discovered the free milk machines for the dairy farmers upstairs...woo hooo free milk, yogurt and cheese for our entire stay.

The convention is put on by the DFO board, most of our expenses were covered and we were able to experience some things we probably wouldn't have if it weren't so. One morning we ordered breakfast in was sooo delicious....and expensive. It was around $70 for our morning meal.....ack!!!
The next day brought a wonderful cousin Bianca was able to meet us at the Fairmont for the day, we were able to spend the day together enjoying eachothers company and let the kids have free range of the room. We spread out toys (aka Biancas wallet) on the floor as we sat on the bed and ate bon bons.

We were also able to enjoy the pool .....well I didn't. I have yet to purchase a bathing suit in 'whale' size, I keep telling myself I won't need it for very long and it'll just be a waste of money as I'll be shrinking soon. Ha.
So the hubs took the kids and his friend Harold swimming...and a lovely time was had by all!!
I have to run as we are heading to get our passports this morning for our trip tomorrow....I'll blog again this afternoon....


Kelly said...

Hey Leanne! It sounds like you had a good time in Toronto. Enjoy your trip down south! It will be nice to see everyone down there. Travel safely. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Dwight and Harold have almost matching swim adorable. LOL