Sunday, February 11, 2007

Conversations with a 2 year old...

Lastnight was a celebration dinner for Grandpa, he turned the big 6-0! Woot, Papa Smurf !! :) We went out to dine at a quaint, small-town restaurant, and it turned out to be a buffett, so the Hubs was overjoyed.

I scrubbed the children to their brightest, and put them in their Sunday best, even though it was Saturday. Gabe was sporting gel in his hair and Ashlyn donned 2 pony tails, they knew by the way I was primping that it was imperative that they remain clean.

Then he found the cupcakes. He managed to keep most of the crumbs on the freshly mopped floor, and was only wearing a few sprinkles....whew (fast swish of hand across forehead) ...crisis averted.

Once we arrived we were seated in a back room that was dedicated to our party was a wonderful moment in my life. I could let my children roam, AND actually enjoy the food, without having to worry about my wild childs screams.

Aunt Alison sat between Gabriel and Jada, and somehow managed to remain clean...she turned to Gabriel at one point in the evening and commented on how nice he looked.

AA: 'Gabe, I love how soft your sweater is. It looks verrrry nice.'

G: ' Thanks, (wait for it...wait for iiiiiit...) I made it myself.'

Pardon me? Did my 2.5 year old just say he made the sweater himself??

Apparently he's been taking knitting lessons from his Grandma when we're away.


Kelly said...

What a little man with a flair for home economics! He has high hopes -but just think of all the money he can save you if he makes his own clothes! What a funny kid!

Anonymous said...

How funny. Kids say the darnedest things.