Monday, February 19, 2007

hack, hack and scone scarfing..

This was me today folks. A big fat doe on thin ice. I had nowhere to go but down.
The day started off phenomenally, the kids weren't feeling 100% ... BUT they were in good spirits. I was off to a good start with my South beach diet ... everything was looking peachy keen.
Then the unraveling began. It started with a phone call.
I recently attended a Pampered Chef party and the Demonstrator was calling regarding my order. She went through some small talk...then hit me over the head with the news..."well Leanne, the reason I'm calling is ....your credit card was denied..." ... I nearly choked on the piece of yummy celery I was munching on ..and asked her what she meant.
There is no way we reached our limit...and I've been scrounging our pennies and was sure to have enough for the Pampered Chef and Stampin Up parties, out of MY budget mind was could this happen???
I told her to try The Hubs' credit card and sure enough it was denied as well. Well Heck. First and foremost I was worried about not receiving the baking stone (as I grabbed a cookie)I had ordered and THEN I thought...what if our card was compromised???
I called the Hubs (ate a couple smarties and chocolate covered was stress people..I HAD to)and he came up from the barn to call the bank and sure enough....2 transactions had occured in the US by some thief...when we were here in Canada. Sooo... we are getting 2 new cards...(and I ate 15 chips to help calm my nerves)
Once this was cleared up I was back on my merry way, diet took a small hit, but smile still on my face.
Then came the vomit. Oh, the vomit.
It was sad, Gabe was coughing so hard in spells that he could hardly catch his breath, and when he did he would gag from the force of the coughing....I sat with him and rubbed his back while he threw up and coughed his lungs inside out. Poor little man. I started a bath and melted some vicks in some boiling water (as per the pharmacist) and added it to his bath, and that seemed to subside the coughing for a while. We wrapped him up in a towel and put a diaper on him for the day..I just can't rely on the potty training when he's sick...
As I dressed him (and finished my pepperettes)and I settled him to watch some tv on the couch and he and miss Ashy poo were tag-teaming on the coughs. They were gracious enough to take turns having spasmodic coughing spells and I would go between one and the other (as I wolfed down some full fat cheese)
He napped but would moan while sleeping because the coughing was taking so much out of him. The tylenol just doesn't seem to be cutting it and their breathing is wheezy and crackly...I think tomorrow may be a trip to the Dr.'s...
So the diet is ruined for another day...(particularly after the scone I scarfed before our company showed up this evening...I made it for them, but couldn't resist...Darn those scones ..and company)
Sorry for the lack of humour...but it's just been one of those days, I AM BEAT.


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

Wowzeerrss! Sounds like a big day you had...hopefully you get a decent sleep tonight and maybe tomorrow will shine a brighter light for you!


girlebert said...

oh Leanne, Sorry to hear about your issues. Glad to hear you werent' the one to blame for your overspending:) What did they buy?? Was it alot of money they spent?
Let me know how Gabe and Ashy poo are doing..., Thinking of you!!

Mom of 4 Busy Kids said...

That picture is making me sad. I hope she is oblivious to the fact that she is going to die a horrible cruel death when she sinks into that icy cold water and it fills her lungs. Oh, poor poor doe. I want to throw her a rope.


Oh ...didn't I tell you??? She slowly inched her way to the side and ran off to find her son..I think his name was Bambi...they found a meadow on the other side of the frozen lake and were happily munching grass ....I think I heard them laughing about the whole incident.

Will you now sleep tonight??

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Oh thank heavens, I was just thinking to myself that I need a good vomit story. My children just haven't been cooperating. I knew I could come to you.

You make me laugh. AND, I'm wiping peanut butter cup from my lips, because nothing cures stress better than a Reeses.

Tomorrow is another day. Besides, we've totally run out of chocolate here in the house of Fiddle.