Sunday, February 18, 2007

hack, hack..

Sorry, it's been a while.

The kids have developed a barking chest cold that's got me a little worried. I can't tell if it's on the verge of pneumonia, or croup...we're waiting it out. I've been lathering the poor slick babes in Vicks Vaporub, and the humidifiers are running non-stop, we're dosing them with Tylenol cold, and Ashlyn's nose is finally starting to run (better out than in, I say..) and she doesn't sound quite as bad as poor Mr. Gabe.

The hubs feels like he might be coming down with we may be making a trip to the Doc, if things start to get worse for the family.

Anyway, ...hence my absence.

This weekend hasn't been all bad though, on Friday night I was treated to a night out at my friend Jens house. She held a Stampin' Up party...and I believe I've found my next healthy obsession. It involves making your own cards, scrapbooking, and all things crafty...LOVE IT!!
I'll be holding a party in April, and all my bloggy friends are invited :)

I hope to post again tomorrow...if the kids aren't throwing themselves upon me in anguish and drama. As I'm writing this Gabriel has just crept down the stairs and when he saw me, he layed into his whole 'I'm Sooooo sick Mommmmma' routine, then I just heard him clapping his hands in glee after I settled him onto the couch for "5 minutes..and then you're back in bed mister." Ha. He thinks he's up for a win at the Oscars for his performance. He thinks he's got me wrapped around his little fingers..and he's quietly celebrating his couch victory...

He forgets that mothers have ears in all rooms and eyes in the back of their heads. Back to bed for you, little man...


Our 4 Munchkins...6 pigtales & a buzzcut! said...

I hope everyone in your house feels much better very soon! Sounds awful..poor little ones, and Dwight. Hopefully you dont come down with it next.


girlebert said...

Leanne. Not diagnosing you guys here, at all. Tom took Aiden to hospital last weekend, afraid he had pneumonia. The most horrendous hacking cough ever. Tom has/had the same thing, and now Alyssa. You think they are dying, but the Dr said it is all just upper respiratory and there is nothing you can do. Hot baths with eucalyptus oil in it works wonders. Keep the vaporizers going. Treat fever with appropriate measures. Took us a week per person to get over this cold. All the best, and hopefully it is just a virus, and not pneumonia!
Keep us posted
oh yes and runny noses are apart of the above mentioned equation!!

Dana said...

We've been dealing with that crud here too. I've already spent $185 taking kids to the docs! If it's a fever, sore throat and cough, chances's the same dang virus currently residing in my household! Robitussin and Motrin are what's been told to me....Hopefully, it'll be leaving your family and moving on to someone else soon. For now, it's attacking ME and the BABY! The nerve!